Spring Cleaning for Mac

Spring Cleaning for Mac Deluxe 11

Give your Mac a thorough cleanup

There are many cleaning tools for Macs nowadays but perhaps none as thorough and comprehensive as Spring Cleaning for Mac. View full description


  • Exhaustive cleaning options
  • Displays results clearly
  • Easy to use


  • Installation requires log out
  • Initial search can take some time

Very good

There are many cleaning tools for Macs nowadays but perhaps none as thorough and comprehensive as Spring Cleaning for Mac.

Spring Cleaning for Mac reminds me of a cleaning tool for Windows that's been tastefully adapted for OS X. Installation is a bit annoying however. Because Spring Cleaning for Mac requires access to hard to reach system files, it requires you to log out and log back in again after installing.

When you open the application, you're presented with a wealth of cleaning options including Disk Image Finder, Image Finder, Widget Finder, Music Finder etc. All of these options target the specific file types they describe with the aim of cleaning-up or deleting those that you don't need anymore. Most of the options are self explanatory but some of them - such as Access Monitor and Poser File Finder, could do with a little bit more explanation.

When you click on any of the options, Spring Cleaning for Mac takes a while to search your system for the appropriate files. It seemed this search time was a bit longer than you'd expect to wait for in a cleaning app but the results are at least displayed and organized very logically and clearly. Along the top of the interface, a series of tabs allow you to Maintain, Exclude, Restore and Schedule cleaning sessions.

Most recently, Spring Cleaning for Mac has been enhanced by online backup integration courtesy of QuickBackup, a handy complete overview of your entire system with Magnifile and even the ability to upload and share files online with StuffIt Connect.

Spring Cleaning for Mac covers every possible cleaning angle although the slow search times and the installation procedure mean it doesn't score top marks.


  • NEW! Conveniently archive selected files online or to another drive with QuickBackup™
  • NEW! Get a complete overview of your entire system with Magnifile™
  • NEW! Learn how to get the most out of every tool with video tutorials and help manuals
  • NEW! Upload and share your files online with StuffIt® Connect
  • Increase system integrity and speed with a complete set of maintenance tools
  • Improved Custom Search™ integrates with Apple's Spotlight™ for greater control
  • Analyze pairs of archives, files, folders or application packages to find any inconsistencies with QuickCompare™
  • Replace or delete corrupted files with FileChecker™
  • Find files based on when they were last used with AccessMonitor™
  • Turn file collections into "virtual disks" for easy sharing and storing with Create Disk Images™
  • Automate any task with Scheduler™
  • Locate copies of files on your Mac with Duplicate Finder™
  • Rename and organize collections of files and photos with Photo A.K.A™
  • New streamlined interface allows you to clean even faster

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Spring Cleaning for Mac


Spring Cleaning for Mac Deluxe 11

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